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AquaNatal Birth Center

We are a family-affirming and family-oriented practice, and gladly accept gay and lesbian families into our care.

First and foremost, we believe in choices. It is a woman's choice where she gives birth, and with whom. When a woman chooses to give birth with AquaNatal, it is because she trusts us to keep things simple and safe for her and her baby. She wants a provider who will regard her with respect and who will listen to her.

We believe that birth is normal, but normal birth is not happening in hospitals. So if you're looking for an affirming, safe alternative to bring your new little one into the world, please contact us today to schedule a tour and consult with our midwifery team.

13768 Roswell Ave, Suite 209 Chino, California 91710 Phone: 909-591-2924 Fax: Update this Listing »

Our organization affirms that we support full equality for all people and assure your readers that when doing business with our company, they will be treated with respect and dignity.