Omega Family Global

A single source for your family compete solution. Omega Family Global manages, simplifies and streamlines the process for Intended Parents by providing guidance, information, knowledge, and connections to a global network of surrogates, donors, agencies, IVF physicians, insurance providers, nannies, lawyers and concierge services.

Psychotherapy and Spiritual Support

Safe, empowering, mindfulness-based, psychotherapy, supporting your discovering meaning and purpose, living authentically and with joy, recovery from addictions, graceful aging, living with HIV, transgender emergence.

Stephen Brewer, MA - Counselor in Addictions, Trauma/Grief, Men's Issues, and LGBT issues

The opportunity to discover, explore, and improve oneself with quality psychotherapy is the chance of a lifetime. I help people develop a sense of personal freedom by deepening their self-understanding, pointing out harmful patterns, and developing new ways of thinking, feeling, and relating to others. I believe in creating a safe, confidential, and supportive therapeutic environment where you and I will be able to work together to explore your concerns and work toward your goals.

Tammy Fletcher, Therapist

Therapy can help you find or regain a feeling of balance in your life, resolve difficulties, and get “unstuck” in moving toward your goals and dreams.

Individual Counseling provides a supportive framework for you to work with life’s challenges, enabling you to fulfill your dreams, goals, and potential.

Relationship and Family Counseling focuses on helping you experience your relationships to the fullest through conflict resolution, building intimacy, and improved communication skills.

Many of us feel overwhelmed by the stress of day to day living.

The Wellness Edge

A corporate trainer and health coach providing stress relief strategies for business and individuals.