Able- Disabled Advocacy

Able-Disabled Advocacy (A-DA) is a non-profit organization founded in 1975 that provides employment and training services to individuals with all types of disabilities and other barriers to employment. Able-Disabled Advocacy's mission is "To provide vocational skills training and educational advancement for youth and adults with disabilities and to assist them in finding employment and overcoming barriers to personal and financial self-sufficiency."

Bigger Than Your Block

Bigger Than Your Block provides financial education for youth that's simple, informative, and fun. Books, workshops, and keynotes are available.

Family History Research

I have 30 years' experience in doing people's family history research. I have access to all US censuses since 1790, every state, and I am a member of, which gives us the chance to use the research of many people, and they often have done part of we need to do. $25/hour. We can work over the phone, by email or in person. I found 3 American presidents and a Revolutionary War General in my tree! One never knows who might turn up. It's really interesting!

PC Pride Center

Palomar College Pride Center is one of only two Community College Pride Centers in the Country.

San Diego Center for the Arts

San Diego Center for the Arts provides services which place emphasis on creative and performing art expressions instructed by Jeanette Kangas.

Santa Fe Christian Schools

Santa Fe Christian offers K-12 education to the greater San Diego area. In 2010 we were selected as the Best Private School in San Diego County.