Clairvoyant Caren Shery

20yrs experience as a Spiritual Therapist and Medium specializing in Relationship Readings. Honest,accurate, compassionate answers to life's questions. Available by appointment for phone sessions. 2 million Google pages. I can help.

Fer PC

Inside the Eye of Buddha.
- Intuitive and very personalized Tarot and Mediumship Readings.
- Born Healer and Reiki Master/Teacher.
- Energy treatments for well being, balance and spiritual enlightenment.
- Guided Meditations.
- Reiki and Meditation classes.

Golden Rose Psychic Services & Alternative Healing Center

San Diego's Most Famous Psychic and Alternative Healing Center offering Readings, Healings, Workshops, Online Classes and more! We're located in the heart of Hillcrest, right over Baja Betty's Restaurant and have been serving the Gay Community since 2006!

Kari Samuels - Psychic

Transform your life and manifest your purpose! Mind/Body healing for joy and confidence; in-depth guidance for your career, finances, romance and relationships.

My Authentic Self

Do you want to relieve stress or have a reading done?
Are you looking for that great energy piece of jewelry?
Are you seeking Reiki for a specific need?
Tommie Starchild is a gifted psychic reader, trance channeling medium, & Reiki practitioner based here in the Hillcrest area.

Tommie is available for appointments Tues.-Sat. from 1pm-9pm