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Dr. Paul Paris, Psychologist

Dr. Paris specializes in working with adults and older adults with mood disorders such as Depression and Anxiety as well as grief and loss-related issues. Specific areas of focus include working with men in the areas of empowerment, stage-of-life transitions, intimate relationships, addiction recovery, and LGBTQ+ identified clients. Using action-oriented techniques such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT), and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT).


Judi Schaim, MFT

Creating healthy relationships with yourself and others. Individual and couples counseling.

Patricia Lazalde, PhD

Patricia Lazalde, PhD
Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Sometimes we need psychological support to handle the challenges of life’s ups and downs. We don’t plan on break ups, the loss of a loved one, or traumatic events in our lives, but they happen.

If you suffer from depression, anxiety, or anger, professional counseling services can help.

Psychologist Dr. John McConnell, Ph.D.

(619) 993-3397

- Couples, relationship, marriage and pre-marital counseling (Using EFT)
- Alternative sexualities and genders counseling (LGBTTQ, BDSM / Kink / Trans / Poly)
- Short-term individual therapy focused on symptom relief.
- Long-term individual psychotherapy focused on personality issues and deeper change.
- Supervision and consultation to therapists.
- With 25 years of experience, I bring warmth, experience, and practical insight to our work together.

The Institute Of Modern Recovery

The Institute Of Modern Recover provides care to individuals and couples - family and couples counseling, trauma, depression therapy, anxiety, addiction, relationship problems, anger, eating disorders, and other life-issues.