A Touch of Rose

Touch of Rose covers all your health and beauty needs. Rose is a manicurist, a Reiki Master, a massage therapist, & a hypnotherapist. Rose does make house calls so you can relax and enjoy in the privacy of your own home. Call today to make an appointment!

Controversial Bookstore

We are often asked why we chose such a name. The short answer is really very simple: "because we try and include all sides." Back in the early sixties the original idea was to include everything from the far left to the extreme right. It made for a very interesting mix of customers on any given day. By the seventies our customers were becoming more interested in personal growth and spiritual development The nature of our store changed with the times; but our determination to remain all-inclusive has remained unchanged.

Fer PC

Inside the Eye of Buddha.
- Intuitive and very personalized Tarot and Mediumship Readings.
- Born Healer and Reiki Master/Teacher.
- Energy treatments for well being, balance and spiritual enlightenment.
- Guided Meditations.
- Reiki and Meditation classes.

My Authentic Self

Do you want to relieve stress or have a reading done?
Are you looking for that great energy piece of jewelry?
Are you seeking Reiki for a specific need?
Tommie Starchild is a gifted psychic reader, trance channeling medium, & Reiki practitioner based here in the Hillcrest area.

Tommie is available for appointments Tues.-Sat. from 1pm-9pm

Nourish Your Light

Embark on a Voyage to Align your body, breath, mind and heart with your deepest intentions through customized one-on-one private consultations in.

*YOGA: improve your immunity, mood, strength, & flexibility.

Realize Peace

School for inner peace, TRE Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises, A Course in Miracles

Seaside Center for Spiritual Living

Seaside Center for Spiritual Living is dedicated to loving, caring for, and welcoming all seekers of Truth who reach out to know God. This spiritual community honors the inherent goodness and divinity in all humanity, appreciating the rich diversity in the multi-faceted tapestry of our spiritual family. Seaside is a place of beauty and of renewal. We are the blessed stewards of holy ground. People feel the Presence here and know they are embraced in Love. In fact, our Mission is to lovingly put Spirit into action.

Sunset Temple

Sunset Temple is a unique and intimate space for weddings & special events. With over 6,500 square-feet, it is equipped with a full kitchen, two bars and mezzanine lounge. Our ballroom offers a spacious dance floor, set before a unique proscenium stage. The venue is also equipped with sound and lighting as well as a large screen with rear-facing projector. Sunset Temple provides catering for any palate and taste, impressing your guests from mouth-watering appetizers, to personalized entrees and delectable desserts.